Big News! Aux's Annual Production of 30 Million Compressors Project Settled in Wuhu


Cao Xiaoming, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone Executive Committee, and Li Junfeng, Executive Vice President of AUX Group, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on behalf of both parties. Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group, Naito Ryu, production director of Panasonic Wanbao Compressor (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and others attended and witnessed the signing of the contract.


Photo: Signing Ceremony

As a company focused on innovative technologies, AUX is committed to offering high-quality home appliance products and user experience to consumers around the world. The cooperation with the Wuhu Municipal Government will provide important support for the AUX strategic model in the East China region, while also bringing new investment and employment opportunities to Wuhu City, which injects new energy into the local economy.

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During the meeting, Secretary Ningbo welcomed Chairman Zheng Jianjiang and his delegation to Wuhu and introduced Wuhu's overall economic output, geographical advantages, industrial layout, business environment and talent recruitment. He said that Anhui Province is currently at the forefront of high-quality development in the country, and Wuhu is also one of the best and fastest developing cities in Anhui Province. With clear geographical advantages, strong industrial foundation, superior business environment and large-scale development potential, it accelerated the construction of provincial sub-centers with an enterprising attitude. AUX chose to settle important projects in Wuhu, which reflects their trust and importance there. Committees, parties, municipalities and the government will spare no effort to provide high-quality services, strengthen factor guarantees and promote the start of project construction and production to achieve results.

Chairman Zheng Jianjiang said that in recent years, Wuhu's development achievements have become obvious to everyone. The good business environment and effective government services have deeply impressed people, strengthened the confidence and determination of enterprises to invest and prosper in Wuhu, AUX will strengthen coordination and communication with relevant departments, accelerate the implementation of the project, and strive to make the project a standard demonstration in the industry, contributing to the development of Wuhu's manufacturing industry with high quality.

AUX and Panasonic have cooperated to build the annual production of 30 million air conditioner compressors and the R&D center project in the eastern part of Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone. After reaching the production capacity, the annual income exceeded 6 billion yuan, the annual covered tax revenue exceeded 200 million yuan, and 3,000 job opportunities were created directly.

This signing not only represents the in-depth cooperation between AUX and the Wuhu Municipal Government, which brings more opportunities and challenges to both sides. But it also adds new vitality to China's industrial upgrading. We believe that through joint efforts, both sides will achieve more success on the path in the future and help promote high-quality China's real economic development.

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